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GDPR is coming. Are you ready?

11.10.2017 Posted by Martyn Carroll

The letters on business owners’ lips at the moment are GDPR – or the General Data Protection Regulation. Some say this could be a huge fuss over very little, or it may completely revolutionise the way we communicate with our customers and spell the end of marketing as we know it. In practice, it is…

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Six Steps To Running A Great Christmas Campaign

26.09.2017 Posted by Martyn Carroll

For most businesses, it was a great Christmas last year, better than anyone expected. Across the board, retail sales grew strongly in the final quarter of 2016, with growth of 7.1% in December. The average amount spent on gifts in the UK was almost £367 per person. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without gifts, would it?…

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How Google Use Our Platforms To Drive Local Engagement

19.09.2017 Posted by Dominic Le Roy

Tech giant Google has returned to the UK with its ‘Digital Garage’ project. Beginning in Birmingham, the US search engine firm has opened the facility in New Street where it will offer free, face-to-face digital coaching for six months. Attendees will be able to select from tailored coaching, designed to boost their confidence and help…

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Why Your Website Is Your Portal To All Things Digital

15.09.2017 Posted by Keri Daly

Credibility: all businesses want it. The quality of being trusted, reliable and most importantly, experts. How do you get there? Through your digital portal. 9 out of 10 people go online every day. That means that’s 90% of people use the internet in one way or another every day. Picture this: You’re a small business,…

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We are a Premier Google Partner

09.08.2017 Posted by Martyn Carroll

Trinity Mirror South West is a Premier Google Partner. This means that our digital marketing experts have been trained and certified by Google and they are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. The Premier Google Partner badge shows that we demonstrate AdWords expertise and deliver client revenue growth. In short, it means that your paid…